Bathroom Remodeling Frisco,TX.

Designed in minutes, completed in days, at an affordable price.

Unmatched quality.

Luxury showers made affordable.

Save up to 80% of your bathroom remodeling project. 

Stop compromising on regular tiles or acrylic showers when you can have the highest-quality shower ever invented with Dekton cladding shower walls. 

shower remodel dallas by nomi

Elevate Your Bathroom with Nomi Bathroom Remodeling in Frisco, TX

Elevate your bathroom to new heights with Nomi Bathroom Remodeling in Frisco, TX. 

Introducing the revolution of luxury groutless showers, a fusion of elegance and ease that’s now accessible to all homeowners. Escape the confines of traditional tiles and acrylic showers as we present an option that marries timeless charm with low-maintenance convenience, all at an affordable cost.

Experience a shower space without grout lines, a sanctuary free from mold concerns, thanks to our innovative Dekton groutless shower system. Our solution combines the allure of classic tiles with the simplicity of acrylic, delivering a shower experience that’s both aesthetically pleasing and hygienic. With Dekton, you’re not just investing in beauty – you’re investing in well-being.

Embrace endless design possibilities as Dekton’s large-format panels transform your shower into a personalized masterpiece. Experience the unmatched durability of Dekton, resistant to scratches, heat, and stains, ensuring your shower remains pristine over time. Say farewell to the ordinary and step into the extraordinary with Nomi Bathroom Remodeling. Your bathroom deserves nothing less than the pinnacle of luxury, and with Dekton, we make that dream a reality.

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4.9 stars

5 stars

shower remodel dallas by nomi

Completed in days.

No more spending weeks and months on your bathroom remodel.

Our advanced process and technology ensure completing your project in as little as days.

Customize your sgiwer, no design experience needed.

Make it uniquely yours, design your dream bathroom and get your price in minutes.

Design at your comfort

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Mark & Carrie W.​


NOMI transformed a bathroom remodeling project into an unforgettable SHORT journey. Right from the outset, NOMI’s expertise and dedication set them apart.

Our kids’ bathroom had this old tub that just wasn’t working anymore as they grew up. But NOMI did their thing and turned it into a cool standing shower that fits them perfectly now. Seriously, their touch from the beginning made all the difference.

And let me tell you about the Dekton shower they used – it’s a game changer. It’s made our bathroom look and work way better. The combo of their skills and the awesome Dekton quality has made our bathroom seriously amazing. We’re actually excited about doing more projects with NOMI in the future. Their team is top-notch, and we can’t thank them enough for making our bathroom redo so darn special!

bathroom remodeling in frisco review

Daria & Micehlle T.


NOMI remodeled our master bath, and we couldn’t be happier! The team, from the designer to the cleanup crew, was a pleasure to work with – always professional, friendly, and punctual. Their efficiency was remarkable, and they stuck to the promised schedule for our project. 

Not only did they meet the timeline, but they also stayed within the budget we had discussed and it’s a normal thing here in Frisco. The quality of their work is nothing short of exceptional. We’re genuinely impressed. We had them convert our tub and shower into a large double shower, and the results are outstanding.

If we ever need another renovation, Nomi will be our first choice without hesitation. It’s rare to find such a reliable and skilled team. Thank you, Nomi, for the incredible job!

shower remodeling in plano review for nomi bathroom

Neema T.


We’re absolutely thrilled with the fantastic bathtub remodeling job Nomi did for us! Their professionalism throughout the process was outstanding. They truly understood the exact look we were aiming for and guided us smoothly through the design process.

Throughout the 3-day project, their daily updates via their user-friendly app kept us informed, which was a big plus since we weren’t home most of the time. Their customer service was exceptional – they promptly addressed any concerns we had. We’re more than happy to recommend Nomi to others looking for a bathroom remodel. The quality of their work and our overall experience were top-notch. Kudos to them for a job very well done!


Dallas Fort-Worth and Austin Metropolitan Area.

Coming soon: Houston (-: 

NOMI is a bathroom remodel specialist. We focuse on the wet area of the bathroom. 

Shower  remodeling

Bathtub remodeling

Tub to shower conversion

Shower to tub conversion

Tub+shower to double shower conversion

We understand that some people may want to change their vanities, mirrors, electrical, or paint. That’s why we have curated a great list of partners who can assist you in completing those tasks.

By doing so, you will get the best of all worlds: the finest shower ever invented and a great price for your total project, eliminating the middleman.


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Schedule your complimentary design meeting at your home with a Nomi designer.

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Book a complimentary call with a nomi consultant to discuss your bathroom remodel.